Sunday, 6 August 2017

How to Register an Alias/Nick on IRC Channels

I am assuming that by now you must have completed setting up IRC Client, now we are moving to next step in IRC World!! :)

Registering our alias/nick on IRC Channels:

Example: a) freenode
                b) IRCNet
                c) Rizon and etc

First you have to connect to any of the servers given above as explained before in my another post on connecting to different servers.

Now Press F8 if are Konversation Client on Linux Mint
And it will open identities menu add any name you want to use as an alias and Press OK do not tweak with any other setting on the identities menu.

Now it will show you a notice: NickServ- axbxub12 is not a registered nickname.

Now we have to understand some of the commands of NickServ:
1. /msg NickServ help 
This command will help you look for certain commands that you might be searching for.

2. /msg NickServ help register
This command will help to register your alias on this server. Eg: freenode

Now the above command will show you a syntax how to register an alias such as 
(register password email).

3. /msg NickServ register password email

password: password you want to set for this server
email: email id you want to use for conformation of your alias

  • Now Press F8 again on Konversation Client on Linux Mint.
  • In auto identify options  select TYPE as STANDARD NICKSERV
  • Service = nickserv
  • Command = identify
  • And now type your password which you have saved for your alias.
 Voila! You have successfully registered your alias.

By following these simple steps anyone can register his/her alias on IRC Servers.

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